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DIGILU is Growing

March 7, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Digilu is expanding to meet the growing needs of our customers. Just this month we closed a deal that will allow us to offer secure and dependable website hosting to all our customers.

There are four major benefits to our you:

1. One phone number for all things web related.
2. 24/7 back up tech support and long-term backup solutions.
3. Speedy and scalable hosting to meet the needs of the smallest to the largest clients.
4. Security protecting against hacking before it happens.

Hacking issues hurt my clients rankings, traffic, site speed, brand loyalty, and profits. Keeping a website safe from hackers isn’t easy. Quality hosting is the key.

Are my hosting costs going to go up?
Yes. We believe the added security and reliability will offset any extra monthly expenses. All billing will be handled by our new automated system.

Digilu will help you get started. We even help choosing the perfect domain name. Next, we will design, host, protect, and promote your website expanding your business online.

We will be scheduling a meeting with you over the next few weeks to create your custom hosting plan.