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8 Tips for Starting an Online Business

March 18, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Congratulations on your new business adventure. Below are 8 tips for starting an online business from our 20 years of experience. If you feel we have missed anything, please let us know.

  1. Consulting

Don’t try to do this alone. Get some help. Digilu offers FREE consulting for customers purchasing domain names or starting a new business. This service to our customers is based on decades of experience. We have seen clients over spend for advertising and SEO because they chose the wrong domain name. We can help. We are willing to help. Give us a call today.

  1. Long-Term Strategic Thinking

Buying a domain name is a lot like planting a tree. The best time to buy one is today. Not only does Google reward older domain name, the sooner you get the name the better. Often, my clients don’t even build a website right away.

  1. Create a New Word

One of the best ways to find a complicated domain name is by creating a new word. Make a list of “pre” words and post words. Sometimes you can even break it down by syllable. The idea is to create something new. It is actually a great time.

  1. Keyword Packing

We do not recommend purchasing a domain name with a keyword in the URL. Some marketing agencies build sites themselves using this technique, but Google has lowered the benefits of this strategy.

  1. Start.

That’s it. That simple. Start. Pick. Decide. Spend the $15 for your first domain name. Starting an online business isn’t easy. The most important part of the process is begining.

  1. Set Aside Time & Resources

It takes times to find a new domain name so don’t rush the process. But here is a warning. I’ve been sitting at a kitchen table with a client searching for names. We loved one and it was available. The client wanted to keep searching. A few hours later, the client wanted that domain
name. It was taken. Yes, take your time, but it is better to buy 10 domain names you end up not using, than losing the one you really want.

  1. Big $

Sometimes we do recommend paying more than the standard $15/year for a domain name. Getting the right URL is crucial. Sometimes, that means you might need to spend a few hundred, and maybe even a few thousand dollars for the perfect name.

  1. Domain Name Search Tool

Use the Digilu domain name search tool or other option like These tools help users find a great name. Make sure not to purchase until you give us a call. We love helping our clients start new businesses. Call today: 1-805-490-7900.